Our Story

The Buggy Adventure only focuses on what we do and why we do, because deserts are our favourite place on Earth! Thus, we’ve become the most well-known UAE adventure travel company for this very reason. Adventure is what we live, breathe, and thrive on. That is why we are enthusiastic about having fun and sharing that enthusiasm with our customers.


Our mission

To create unforgettable vacation experiences, The Buggy Adventure takes visitors on tour over the vast desert landscapes. We provide visitors the opportunity to experience the true United Arab Emirates, away from the glare and bustle of the metropolis. And we’re grateful for the opportunity to transport our international clients to locations they’ve only ever imagined.


We believe that Dubai is more than simply a place to shop and relax on the beach. As a result, we are ecstatic to give you a whole unique experience of the Arabian desert. Take part in our next expedition by contacting The Buggy Adventure now!

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